We Are Multivarious Games!

A¬†collective gamers, nerds, and dreamers who want to make their hometown Columbus, Ohio the next hot spot for gaming. We are heavily involved in the GameDev Community in Columbus and try to create and host plenty of gaming centered events throughout the year. We also work with other big names in Columbus such as Nationwide Children’s Hospital, The Ohio State University, and Independent’s Day Festival to do really awesome things to showcase the power of video games!

So come check out what we do, play a game or two, maybe listen to a podcast, and Let’s Make Games!


Journey back to the time of the Dinosaurs as a brave little robot built by Dr. Tyrannosaurus, PhD, the genius inventor and dinosaur, whose mission is to save un-hatched baby dinos before the big asteroid hits earth and wipes out dinosaur kind for good!

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No Mercy

A fantasy brawler with a compelling story and deeply fleshed out characters, No Mercy focuses on fast gameplay and combat while delivering an in-depth look at a strange and magical world

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Project Arc

After the destruction of Earth, you are tasked with escorting the last of Humanity to a new planet.Can you survive long enough to see Humanity’s new home?

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